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Duke Ellington Continuation High School (DECHS)

Welcome to Duke Ellington Continuation High School
1541 West 110th Street
Los Angeles, CA  90047
323.754.1281 Fax
Principal Cecil McLinn
Reaching High Notes in Education
Ellington Continuation High School is a small high school that is specifically geared to helping students who have been unsuccessful at the large comprehensive high school. We offer small classes and an individualized approach. Our students work on contracts and complete courses at their own pace. For many with family and work responsibilities, this means that they are able to complete more than five or six courses offered by the traditional high school.
Academic Standing
At Ellington, we pride ourselves on the quality of instruction. All of our teachers are fully credentialed and have many years of experience working with the unique needs of our students. Our API is 645, which gives us a rank of 6, higher than the rankings of neighborhood schools. We are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges for three years.
College Readiness
We offer pleased to informed you that Ellington students can meet their college requirements at our school. Our academic teachers provide instruction in English Language, Mathematics, Science, History/Social Studies, Art, and Computer Science. The students may also enroll in our on-line foreign language studies program through Brigham Young University in Utah. Many students are concurrently enrolled at LA Trade Technical College. Several of our recent graduates have continued their education at cal state LA and USC.
Adult School
The courses Parenting and Child Development are taught in the Adult School on our campus. Students can earn extra credits by attending these classes.
Extra-Curricular Activities
• Panther boxing Club
• Intramural Basketball
• Peer Mediation & Conflict Resolution  
Special Education
Ellington enrolls a small number of students in our Special Day Class Special Education Program. The class is limited to 14 students with a full time aide. All of the student have IEP’S and most are on the diploma track. Career counselors teach basic job skills that help students enter the world of work.
Work Experience
We offer the perfect opportunity for our students who must work while completing their High School Education. Students attend school four hours a week. The Work Experience Program is on Tuesday evenings from 4pm to 8pm. At this time, they meet with a teacher, pick up assignments and earn credit for the work completed during the week. The students work during the school day. This program serves students between the ages of 17-19.
Students can also take advantage of the Occupation Training Therapy Program (OTTP), where life skills and job readiness are taught.
The safety of our students is a to priority at our school. We share the services of police officers with Washington High school, and sheriffs deputies, who patrol regularly. Additionally, our principal chairs the Washington/Ellington Safety collaborative for improved communication with law enforcement and other agencies in our community. Ellington is a Gang Neutral school and we enforce a strict dress code that requires uniforms be worn by our students.
Operation Save Youth
The activities, objectives and goals of this organization are all done with one main hope. The hope is this… That we can touch the youth we come in contact with in a positive way. Providing peace of mind, freedom and encouragement to the youth in our neighborhoods. We know, first hand that gangs can be intimidating to our youth which in turn forces them to join the gang instead of learning how to live as an individual. We feel through our hard, and diligent work we can make a positive difference.
Duke Ellington High School
Cecil McLinn, Principal
1541 West 110th Street
Los Angeles, Ca 90047
(323) 418-4130 school
(323) 754-1281 fax
Los Angeles Unified School District
Ramon Cortinez, Superintendent
Local District 8,
Linda Del Cueto, Local District Superintendent
Board of Education
Marguerite La Motte, District 1
Staff at Ellington
The staff at Duke Ellington High School is highly qualified under NCLB gudelines. Our staff is very dedicated to the success of the students that we serve. And we want them all to reach high notes in education.
Ellen Brunot: Social Studies, Art, computers
Michael Crumrine: Mathmatics, Science, Health
Karen Glenn: Special Education, Senior Class Advisor
Daman Moore: Special Ed. Assistant
Lance Wilson: English, Work Experience
Lupe Camarena, Office Manager
Cecil McLinn, Principal