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Graduation Requirements
Requirements for a WPHS Diploma:
Minimum of 230 Credits.
Competency Tests Passed
Senior Portfolio Completed
Following Courses Must Be Passed:
· English 9A · English 9B · English 10A · English 10B · American Lit. · Cont. Composition · Senior Composition · English Elective · Life Skills (ECP) · Health · World History A · World History B · US History A · US History B · US Government · Economics · Phys. Ed. (4sem) · Math (4sem) · Biology A · Biology B · Phys Sci/Chemistry A · Phys Sci/Chemistry B
2 out of the following 3 options must also be passed:
_Foreign Language (1 year of the same language)
_Fine Arts (2 semesters)
_Technical Arts (2 semesters)
Additional academic and elective courses must be passed to complete the 230 credit requirement.